Be as proud of Sogang

as Sogang is proud of you

Prof. Cho, Sunbin, Executive Director

Sogang Business School (SBS) opened the Master of Science degree program in 1974 and Ph.D. degree program in 1979. Since then, we have produced many graduates of distinguished knowledge and competence for about four decades. SBS graduates now work in various industry sectors including universities and research.


In addition to practical business knowledge and skills, the graduate program of SBS aims to provide excellent substance in various fields of Business Administration to help students achieve high academic standards. The faculty members obtained their degrees from top schools worldwide and have eagerly devoted themselves to research with publications in major business journals. The students learn this knowledge, read papers, and enjoy the opportunity to work on projects and write papers. This quality education has been supported by the accreditation and maintenance of AACSB since 2008. In so doing, we continuously commit to improving teaching materials and skills to fully prepare students for employment as managers as well as scholars.


The graduate program consists of common courses and major courses. Students must take common courses and choose their own major from the following eight disciplines: Finance and Risk Management, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Strategic Management, LSOM, MIS, Business Analytics, and International Business. The master's degree consists of 27 credits, and the doctoral degree consists of 36 credits with the above eight majors. Doctoral candidates must pass two comprehensive exams: a qualification exam and a major exam. In order to conduct the doctoral proposal defense, students should, in advance, complete paper presentations at conferences and publish their papers in academic journals.


SBS expects graduate students to learn in-depth knowledge and information of their majors and equip themselves with global standard knowledge upon graduation, thus ready to become future leaders in academia and the economy.


Prof. Sungbin Cho

Executive Director

M.S. and Ph.D. Program