Program Nature and Objectives

The SBS undergraduate program is a 4-year (or 8 semesters) program that is designed to provide high school graduates with a knowledge set that is essential to understand and perform various business functions and interactions in business world. The knowledge set has elements not only from business functional areas but also from more fundamental areas such as liberal arts, science, history, philosophy in order to enhance students’ ability to further their knowledge set after their graduation.

SBS undergraduate program is one of top 4 business undergraduate programs and it is nationally recognized. SBS admits 277 freshmen students annually and the admission process to SBS undergraduate program is very competitive and only top 0.5% of all high school graduates in Korea are admitted to SBS each year. SBS has also achieved the highest percentage of student employment rate in the major large-size companies in Korea among all the Korean universities.

SBS expects our undergraduate students to become excellent top-level leaders and/or functional specialists in their respective career fields. Our educational strength of the program reflects core educational values, GLEE, that have firmly established and built in the four-year long curricular of the program. Specific program learning goals are as follows.

       · Students exercise ethical understanding and reasoning in an organizational context and decision-
         making environments.
       · Students can communicate in global language to work in and to understand global environment.
       · Students will be analytical and reflective thinkers.
       · Students will be effective leaders and team members who know how to exercise leadership and how
         to cooperate with other team members.